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Guitarists often want to play the Cuban tres tumbao. Here is an exercise to help you understand the tumbao played by the tres player. G minor.
Classic concert from Havana (yes, I was there). Bamboleo setting the stage on fire.
A classic from a very short lived band. PG (Poder Generacion). This was a band that was founded by "el tosco" Jose Luis Cortes. As far as I know, they did very few shows. If you happen to know the song titles, please let me know.
This was recorded in about 2004 at my house in Buena Vista with Leonel "Guajiro" Gonzalez schooling me on the Cuban tres. He is playing an old standard.
In this introduction, Dayron Ortega, talks about the guitar.
Learn to play the Cuban guitar. It's history and how to play it in different styles. Cuban guitar has roots in Spain, but has evolved differently. Dayron Ortega gets deep into technique and history of the Cuban guitar.
Leonel talks about playing timba on the tres. This is an advanced lesson, but take your time and practice.
In this lesson Leonel discusses the roots of the Cuban tres, Changüi, Nengon, and Kiriba with examples of course!