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Havana Vieja, Cuba

Cuba is a fascinating island, and for many, the forbidden island. Salsa Blanca has been teaching about Cuba for over 15 years, and we hope that you enjoy our articles on Cuba and Cuban music.

Whether you are interested in taking a trip to Cuba and want to know what “the real Cuba” is, or love Cuban music. There is plenty to see on this site. For the musicians, we have extensive information and musical examples of classic Cuban music styles as well as modern Cuban music.

You can’t understand Cuba without understanding Cuban culture so we have included several articles on Cuban Santeria and Cuban dance.

We specialize in music from Cuba as well as Cuban culture, Cuban Dance, and Cuban travel and are adding more articles all the time. Please support the site and consider buying one of our  DVD’s, CD’s and Books on Cuba, Cuban music, Cuban Culture, and playing Cuban music.